who we are...

We are a community of artists, craftsmen and women who work as a team to design and create unique pieces of work. Originality, quality, sustainability and uniqueness is where we thrive creating one of a kind work that fulfills the needs of our clients.


Shaw Thompson

Woodworker, Welder and Craftsman. 

Shaw Thompson lives in Bozeman, Montana and strives to produce and show works of art that are truly unique.  Much of the furniture, sculpture and light fixtures incorporate recycled materials.  These materials are combined with contemporary design and solid construction to give a lasting work of art that tells a story.


Yogesh Simpson

Designer and Graphic Artist.

Yogesh Simpson is designer working in Bozeman Montana. Working in a variety of mediums, he has created unique works of art in vinyl to encaustic paintings. Additionally, he is involved in the structural design and installation of many of the pieces of work as well as working as second lead designer in our consultations with clients.

"In my nine years of freelancing I've worn many hats, but lately I've been focusing on designing for the wild frontier of the world wide web. I enjoy the challenge of finding beautiful and simple design solutions that function on all devices and screen sizes. I also have an extensive print background and continue to design identies and collateral for the printed page.

I earned an MA in photojournalism from the University of Montana in 2005. After a short stint working for weekly papers in Missoula and Hawaii I struck out on my own to tell visual stories through design."


Pat Hoffman

Artist and Graphic Designer

Pat Hoffman has degrees in ceramics and art education from the University of Wyoming and a masters in art education from the University of Montana, considers himself an installation artist who generally works in ceramic forms. He sees each space and imagines how it could be filled. His latest pieces are a series of wood-fired ceramic orbs that create organic shapes. In its initial conception, each piece was thrown by hand on a wheel and then hung on individual screws. Now, they’re made from molds and are attached to magnets, allowing Hoffman to move the pieces on a large steel backing without totally disassembling the piece.


Claire Kleese

Artist and Lead Designer, Owner 

With a degree is remote sensing imagery and geographical information systems, Claire has a passion for working in the spatial environment. Translating this to the design world has been a natural progression and she founded Claire Kleese Design LLC in order to bring together the community of talented artists from a variety of mediums to create a network in pursuing their passions while also fulfilling a need as well. Her work covers a variety of spectrums from structural & functional furniture design, interior design, graphic design and illustrative artwork.


Cherlyn Wilcox


"I graduated from The University of Montana in 2002 in Missoula with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Montana is one large landscape painting that I admire daily. I love creating abstract art because the options are wide open. My process is a very intuitive one. One move, a brush stroke, color field, and/or drip, dictates where my next move will be, creating a dialogue between the canvas and my paint.  My creative approach is spontaneous. I love the process and freedom that it allows me. The paintings are an emotional journey that gives me a unique satisfaction that I can't find in other ways."


Hannah Skimore


"My art is much like my life. I was trained classically, and have learned that you have to know the rules to break them. My work is about movement. The flow and gravity are rhythmically displayed in the viscosity of the oil paint. Art is why I get up in the morning."

Charlie Koelling

Metal Smith Artist

"Operating out of Drift and Taper Studios LLC. he continues to explore new methods and techniques to further his learning and understanding of the process and the material.  Often discovering that the material, which is usually metal, teaches him more than could ever be imagined, Charlies passion continues to grow.  "Working metal is like nothing else in the world I've come across.  In a cold state it is the most structural material existent, yet in a fluid state it runs like water offering the opportunity to take on any form. The process is everything to me.  It's where the metal defines its range and where I become the most vulnerable in my learning."