design | craftsmanship | ingenuity

Creative & strategic design detailing of productive workplaces that are aesthetically inspirational and functional.

Designs based on honesty, uniqueness, originality and passion.

We provide custom detailing design for the office setting, primarily focused on the tech industry that is time sensitive, budget friendly, environmentally and socially sustainable. Providing on call solutions for detailing design in interior spaces that are inspired by the company’s values and maxims. Working with office managers and architects, we help add the unique customized details and pieces that a make a space reflect the company.

After getting to know the company and it's needs, we access our community of graphic artists, welders, wood workers, oil painters, vinyl artists, neon artists, painters, and designers to fulfill those requests in unique and original ways.

We highlight craftsman and artists who are passionate about their work and put their soul into the pieces created- fromcustomized boardroom table to promotional posters. Each piece is unique and is never mass produced, a story is always told. Based out of Bozeman, Montana with endless skies and aesthetic views in all directions that inspire creativity and ingenuity, artists and craftsman create unique solutions. Due to the location, we have the ability to tap into affordable materials, labor and the lack of sales tax to provide affordable solutions compared to most urban environments. With excellent shipping partners that provide affordable rates, we can provide unique detail solutions across the US and abroad.